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The following are 30 of the rarest items that Subbuteo produced. 
They are not in any particular order and values have not been given to the items.
Values and scarcity are open to opinion and therefore will differ according to what an individual thinks.


1940's Football Assembly Outfit
1940/1950's Cricket Assembly Outfit
1950's Dutch Football Box Set
1950's Football Super Assembled Set
1950's Cricket Super Assembled Set
1950's Rugby Super Assembled Set
1960's Small Shop Display
1970's Large Shop Display
1970's Rugby Team Shop Display
1978 Stadium Edition
1982 FIFA World Cup Team Set
Atlantica Mini Baseball
Beatles Box Set
Cricket Floodlighting Edition
European Cup Winners Pack
Fivesides Boxed Set
Football Express
Hockey Box Set
Home International Silver Jubilee Pack
Indoor Edition
Journey into Space
Munich Boxed Set
"New" World Cup Edition
Soccer Market Playing Cards
Sport Billy
Super Match Box Set
Table Motor Racing
Table Speedway
World of Sport Compendium