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Equipment The following equipment is used: 
Pitch: Standard Subbuteo playing pitch (reference 61109) or Subbuteo Astropitch (reference 61178). 
Fence: Subbuteo fence surround (reference 61108) to be not less than 75mm from the side line and goal line. 
Goals: Subbuteo goals (for example: reference 61130 World Cup Goals or 61181 Championship Goais, or any other standard Subbuteo goals). 
Balls: Subbuteo balls (for example: reference 61127 Continental Balls or 61190 Ariva Balls, or any other standard Subbuteo balls). 
Players: Standard 00-scale Subbuteo team figures (reference 63000).
Goalkeepers: Subbuteo goalkeepers with handles (for example: 61102 Diving Goalkeepers or 61133 Interchangeable Goalkeepers, or any other standard Subbuteo goalkeepers with handles); and Subbuteo spare goalkeepers (for example: 61106 Spare Goalkeepers or 61202 Throwing Goalkeepers, or any other standard Subbuteo spare goalkeepers or substitute players or spare team figures.

Tournament Equipment For major national and international Subbuteo tournaments and championships, the following specific equipment is used: 
Pitch: Subbuteo Astropitch (reference 61178). 
Goals: Subbuteo Tournament Goals (reference 61154). 
Balls: Subbuteo FIFA Balls (reference 61183). 
Goalkeepers: Subbuteo Diving Goalkeepers (reference 61102) or Capped Goalkeepers (reference 61153). 

For international matches, the Subbuteo team figures should be in natIonal team colours.

Flicking of Figures
Only the nail part of the forefinger or index finger shall be used to strike the base of the team figure. It is not allowed to flick any other part of the figure apart from the base. This applies at all times (for example: when playing the ball, for on-side flicks, for blocking flicks, or when positioning figures for free kicks, corner kicks and throw-ins).
The thumb can rest on the table when flicking but it must not be used as a spring to propel the figure. Only one hand of each player is allowed on the playing pitch at any one time.

Foul Flicks
It the correct flicking action is not carried out, the following applies:
Offence by attacking side: indirect free kick from the point of the offence.
Offence by defending side: no award unless the attacking side requests "Back ; in which case the figure(s) and ball are returned to their original positions. 

The Goal and Net
The goalkeeper must be controlled from behind the net. The goal and net must be fastened down in position at all times. The goal net must not be rolled up.

Line Up Formation
A game of Subbuteo should be played as near as possible to the Laws and Situations of the Football Associatlon and FIFA rulings. For obvious reasons adaptations have been made to suit Subbuteo and permissible line up formations reflect these. Common formations are 4-3-3 and 4-2-4, but you may develop your own formatlons to suit different tactics.

Duration of the Game
The minimum duration of a game is ten minutes each half with a minimum of one minute half-time interval. Duration of a game, however, can be set to suit the players. For major national and international matches, fifteen minutes each half may be played (with a three minute half-time interval). This may be extended to twenty minutes each half for the final matches of any major tournament.

Extra Time
If after full-time the game is tied and a winner has to be decided, extra time of at least three minutes each way shall be played. If after extra time the game is still a draw, a "shoot-out" should take place. Extra time would not normally apply to local league games, where no winner has to be decided.

The following lengths of extra time are recommended:
For matches of 10 minutes each half....................3 minutes each way 
For matches of 15 minutes each half:...................5 minutes each way.