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Football Accessories - "C" Series

C100 - Complete Team of Plastic OO scale dimensional figures
C101 - New Floodlight Pylons
C102 - Diving Goalkeepers
C103 - Track-Suited Team
C104 - Photographers, Trainer and Manager
C105 - Crouching Goalkeepers
C106 - Spare Goalkeepers
C107 - Referee and Linesmen
C108 - Plastic Fence Surround
C109 - Playing Pitch
C110 - TV Tower
C111 - Half-Time Scoreboard
C112 - Football Club Flag
C113 - Football Club Flag without team sheets)
C113 - Ambulance and Policeman Set
C114 - Team Sheets for Club Flag
C114 - Mascot and Bench Set
C115 - Subbuteo Tie
C115 - Match Score Recorder
C116 - Car Sticker
C116 - Subbuteo Handbook
C117 - Set of Line and Corner Flags
C118 - European Competitions Cup
C119 - The Jules Rimet Trophy
C120 - Footballer Statuette
C121 - Three New Match Balls
C122 - Two New Style Goals
C123 - 2 "Live Action" Diving Keepers
C124 - Training Kit Set A
C125 - Training Kit Set B
C126 - Training Kit Set C
C127 - Three Continental Match Balls
C128 - The FA Cup
C129 - Number Transfers
C130 - World Cup Type Goals
C131 - "Corner-Kick" Figures
C132 - "Throw-In" Figures
C133 - Interchangeable Goalkeepers
C134 - Ball Boys Set
C135 - VIP Presentation Set
C136 - The Subbuteo Sound Record
C137 - Iron On Badge
C138 - England Team
C139 - New Trainer's Bench Set
C140 - New Stadium Grandstand
C141 - New Spectators Set
C142 - Stadium Terracing
C143 - Corner Terrace Unit
C144 - Three Panelled Balls
C145 - Three Small Balls
C146 - Super Logbook in Wallet
C147 - Logbook Only
C148 - De Luxe Goals
C149 - Smaller Goals
C150 - Fixture Cards
C151 - Referee Whistle
C152 - Automatic Timer
C153 - Diving Goalkeepers with Caps
C154 - Tournament Goals
C155 - Subbuteo World Catalogue
C156 - TV Film Unit
C157 - New Subbuteo World Cup
C158 - Stadium Scoreboard
C159 - New Police Squad
C160 - Soccer Plotter
C161 - Floodlight Mains Adapter
C162 - EPNS Cup with Plinth (Large)
C163 - EPNS Cup with Plinth (Medium)
C164 - EPNS Cup with Plinth (Small)
C165 - Home International Team Pack
C166 - Referee's Kit
C167 - Three Tournament Balls
C168 - Fifty Unpainted Crowd Figures
C169 - Ground Advertising Boards
C170 - Crowd Barrier
C171 - Floodlight and Mains Adapter
C172 - Football League Cup
C173 - Team Carrying Case
C174 - World Cup Winners Pack
C175 - European Cup Winners Pack
C176 - Subbuteo Trophy Trail
C177 - Substitutes and Reserves
C178 - Astropitch
C179 - Match Bench Set
C180 - FA Cup Pack
C181 - Championship Goals
C182 - The FIFA World Cup Trophy
C183 - Three FIFA Balls
C184 - First Aid Set
C185 - Crush Barriers
C186 - TV Tower Kit
C187 - Match Day Series
C188 - Six Line Flags
C189 - The Skills Trainer
C190 - Three Ariva Balls
C191 - Three High Bounce Balls
C192 - Subbuteo Handbook (Revised)
C193 - FIFA World Cup - Spain 82 Team Set
C200 - Subbuteo Sports Bag
C201 - Corner Kick Type Goalkeepers
C202 - "Throwing" Spare Goalkeepers
C203 - "Kicking" Spare Goalkeepers
C204 - European Cup
C205 - Adidas Tango Balls - White
C206 - Team Number Transfers - Squad Numbers

C500 - Home International Championship Team

NB: C194 - C199 - Numbers not Used

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