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Football Accessories - A-Z Series

Set A - Popular Introductory Assembly Outfit/Basic Accessory Outfit
Set B - Subscription to the Table Soccer Players' Association
Set BB - Subbuteo Player Badge
Set C - Advanced Table Soccer Booklet
Set D - Complete Team
Set E - Complete Base Set
Set F - 2 Brown Panelled Balls
Set FF - 3 Smaller Balls
Set G - 2 Press Out Team Sheets/1 Number Sheet
Set H - 1 Special Goalkeeper Sheet
Set HH - Set of Plastic Goalkeepers
Set I - Real Goal Netting
Set J - Two Goal Frames
Set JJ - Ball Raising Chute
Set K - Green Baize Cloth
Set L - Referee and Linesmen Sheet
Set LL - 2 Spare Goalkeepers
Set L - Super Logbook and Wallet
Set LX - Logbook Only
Set M - Green Baize Playing Pitch Cloth
Set N - 2 Fully Assembled Deluxe Goals
Set NN - 2 Smaller Goals
Set O - Set of 11 Football Player Figures
Set P - Referee and 2 Linesmen
Set Q - Goal Holding Device (Also QQ, Q2, Q3)
Set R - Material for Treating Goals
Set S - Team Holder Carrying Box
Set T - 6 Line and Corner Flags
Set U - 4 Fixture Cards
Set V - Miniature Referee's Whistle
Set W - Automatic Bell Ringing Timer
Set X - Croid Glue
Set Y - Surround Apparatus
Set Z - Match Score Recorder

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